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Harpoon V
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Harpoon V
Publisher: Admiralty Trilogy Group
by NICOLAS H. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 08/09/2020 03:41:35

Sorry for my poor English (English is not my mother langage).

I kwon Harppon III. I was a hudge fan of Harpoon IV and I was thinking that the previous version was very hard to improved. I'm discovering this new version with a great pleasure and I'm greatfull to Larry and Chris for the work they maded in the last version. Great job ! it's beyond my expectations.

We used to say that during of WWII the naval combat changed from the age of battleships to the age of carriers and trans horizon battles. But just think of the changes between the end of WWII and nowdays (missile, cold war, jet aircraft, combat systems, decoy, nuclear propulsion, homing weapons, terrorism,..). The ships, aircrafts, submarines changed so much. This game just cover the entires after WWII periods till 2020. Possibilities during this period are only limited by your imagination. You can simulate a quite simple commercial trafic protection mission in Somalia gulf, but you can also simulate an Uchronie during cold war or today.

Because the goal of the authors is to simulate real naval combats with a maximun of accurency but keeping it playable, this is a very detail wargame and quite complex simulation. But this is the price to pay to get a real simulation. (Don't buy this game if you need a quick game where luck is more important than reflexion).

With American and Russian navies and aircrafts, I'm sure to play for years and never lack of confrontations, But I'm waitting the others countries. (China, europe, middle east,...). If you dont want to design you own, with NAVAL SITREP publications, you will get all the scenarios you will need.

To my opinion, who will win a game is not important in Harpoon. The important aspect of these simulation is the amout of preparation it require before playing the simulation. You will learn the caracteristics and how many componants works together to be efficient. In that way, harppon is a manner to improve your knowledge about naval combat.

If one day, as it was done for command at sea WWII pacific period, you publish ready to used forms, I'm ready to bought them.

This game just have no equivalent for those whose period and this combat type.

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